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Insuring Apartment Buildings & Other Habitational Exposures

Kingsgate Insurance has a long and successful history insuring habitational exposures.  Since 1998, Kingsgate has insured a very large number of apartments all across the midwest, with the majority of the apartments being in the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, & Illinois.  The agency is licensed in many states beyond the midwest and is able to write apartment business all over the country.

At present, Kingsgate insures more than 3,500 apartment units.  The vast majority of apartment buildings in our portfolio are low income properties, which can be a challenging class of business for some agencies to write.  We represent specialty markets that target that class of business specifically – they chose to partner with us do to our expertise in this class of business.  Please contact Kingsgate today to see if we can help you place insurance coverage on any of the following:

  • Conventional Apartment Buildings
  • Low Income Apartment Buildings
  • Rental Dwellings
  • Condo Associations

We look forward to finding a way to cover your habitational exposure in the most comprehensive and competitive way possible.