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Insuring Your Financial Well Being

Have you ever wondered whether or not you have enough insurance? Have you ever noticed a coverage on your homeowners policy and thought “What the heck is that and why am I paying for it?”

If so, we strongly recommend downloading our homeowners insurance guide “Insuring Your Financial Well Being”.

After reading through this document you will be an informed insurance buyer who can make good decisions when purchasing insurance.

If you hate hearing “That’s not covered” or “You don’t have enough coverage to pay for that”, make sure to take some time and read this document. It will be worth its weight in insurance gold.

The Kingsgate Connection

A successful insurance agent knows that the best policy is not always the one with the lowest premium.  Providing a low price for the customer is a high priority, but the ultimate goal of insurance is to protect the customer from financial disaster.  The only way to provide absolute financial security is to offer comprehensive coverage.  There are thousands of scenarios that can cause financial ruin.  Does your current coverage offer you enough protection?  It is critical that your insurance agent is asking you the right questions to ensure your insurance policy is catered to your lifestyle.  At Kingsgate Insurance, we take pride in connecting your life to your insurance.  Please request a quote and see what the Kingsgate Connection can do for you.

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